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When we Muslim?

islam iucThe Department of World Religion:When we Muslims accept Islam, we accept that Allah is the only and True God. We accept that to Him alone we must submit ourselves completely.

Allah is the Creator of everything. Allah that we have He and He alone has given us. Allah is with us everywhere. He knows everything. He rules over us. There is none like Him. No one shares His powers, nor does He need any helper.


Therefore, we worship only Allah and only upon Him do we call for help. More than anyone, we love and fear Him. We seek His pleasure and we obey His commands.


Muslims follow the guidance and the commands given by Allah. He has told us what is right and what is wrong. He has sent His guidance and His commands to His people through men like us. These men are called Prophets.

Who is a Muslim?

Department of World Religion article:

MuslamI am a Muslim; You are a Muslim. Your parents are Muslims. All of us belong to the community of Islam.

A Muslim is an individual who accepts Islam as a way of life. Islam is the faith and the path to follow. a Muslim believes in what Islam tells him or her to believe. A Muslim acts as Islam tells him of her to act.

Online PhD

Many professionals these days remain apprehensive whether to take up advance learning notwithstanding the necessity of PhD or higher education in the professional market. This can be attributed to their financial problems, separating them from their comfort zones as well as their fear of not taking the right PhD to enroll especially when they opt to take up a masters or a PhD overseas. However, this is not a problem anymore due to the development of our contemporary world allowing professionals to get a quality higher degree program without having to leave their homes through online PhD degree programs.

Here in Melbourne, Australia, there are several colleges and universities offering online PhD degree programs that are accredited by the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). It is important to note that AQF is responsible in setting the qualification standards of the certain educational institution. Meanwhile, Universities who partnered with AQF will most likely not acknowledge graduate from schools that are not accredited by the organization.

One of the AQF-accredited universities in Melbourne is the University of Melbourne, which provides online PhD degrees and M.Phil . in the areas of science, information systems, arts, software engineering, computer science, humanities, and media arts. It lists colleges considering them as remote facility institutions. It has been advised that students should check first the university where they want to be admitted to spare them from any miscommunications.

Another school offer online PhD degree programs is the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The PhD programs of this university are offered under PhD By publications. To be eligible, students should be graduates from same the university or with master’s degree or graduates from other reputable school and must be an established researcher.

Other than the two previously mentioned universities, Melbourne also has Deakin University, La Trobe University , and Monash University. Deakin University offers Doctor of Health Science through Deakin International. La Trobe University is offering a professional Doctoral Study in Clinical Science specializing in Occupational Therapy as well as the Professional Doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology. Meanwhile, Monash University offers its online Professional Doctorate in Juridical Science.

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Public Works Department(PWD)

Urban life was once dull and monotonous, where it has now been boosted by unprecedented progresses. It has been possible by the urban administrative system which is relates to administration of civic needs and planning of a particular legal area. Urban Administration is dominated by the presence of urban municipal government in the intermediate and small towns, while the big or metropolitan cities also have other special authorities in addition to the urban local government .Besides these formal urban governments, some special purpose authorities, special development authorities and special government bodies to meet the growing demand of certain urban services and planning. Among a number of special government bodies Public Works Department (PWD) has been performing its works since 1854, with a high degree of innovation, minimal expense and maximum workmanship. International University Canada

Public works Department under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works is known as the pioneer in construction arena of Bangladesh. By our assignment we have tried to provide the overview of the Public works Department of Bangladesh. We divided the whole assignment into 3 segments, putting theoretical aspect, Practical feature & ending remarks as the main point.


international university canada: In Bangladesh SMEs have occupied an unique position in our economy in respect to their combined contribution to technological development and poverty alleviation. This sector also playing a significant role for the development of our economy by creating employment opportunity and producing alternative machines and machinery parts for saving huge foreign currency for our country. So as a part of our development strategy, we should intensify our effort to develop this sector to grow industrial base and volume of foreign trade. As we know that in this age of globalization, it is impossible to stop the flow of foreign goods to any country. Only quality products can meet the challenges in global market. For meeting this situation SMEs need to upgrade their technological capabilities and production facilities in order to produce quality products at a competitive price. international university canada

Though the SME sector is becoming gradually a rising industrial sector of our country and contributing more and more to our export, this sector face several problem like – lake of technical know-how, shortage of long term financial support, lack of skilled

workers, marketing link, research and development, knowledge on safety measures, hygiene, environmental pollution, etc. we need to acquire proper institutional knowledge in the field of technological and managerial education and ask academics and researchers to work more vigorously for the sector’s rapid development.


SMEs in Bangladesh produce a multitude of labour intensive goods including toys, consumer items, small tools and paper products for the domestic market. Further development of these industries offers various investment opportunities. Export – oriented production in SMEs has gained force in past few years. Entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea have taken advantage of Bangladesh’s cheap and easily trainable labour and its infrastructure facilities to manufacture product for export market.

SME Focused Role Vital for Bangladesh Economy

The role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to economic growth of a country is well-recognised. Across the globe it is strongly perceived that SMEs do play a vital role in the industrial development of a country.


Bangladesh is not lagging far behind in this respect. The country has been pursuing a SME-focused growth strategy considering its immense potentials of providing opportunities for large-scale employment and its higher labour-capital ratio. Small capital, a shorter gestation period and comparatively smaller market to be economically viable are some other key features of SMEs. In view of all these favourable factors, there is an urgent need for development of SMEs in a developing country like Bangladesh, where both capital shortage and unemployment problem are still acute.

SMEs are characterised on the basis of size, investment and employment in most countries across the world. Here small enterprises are those which have employed less than 50 persons and have an investment of less than Tk 250 million. On the other hand, medium industrial units are those which have investment between Tk 250 million and 500 million with the number of employed workers ranging between 50 and 99.


Information from South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) and MIDAS suggest that around 87 per cent of the country’s total industrial workforce is employed in the SMEs and the sector manufactures over 33 per cent of industrial value added goods.


Although there is no concrete information with regard to the number and types of SMEs operating in Bangladesh, an estimate of the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) says that there are over 40,000 small industrial units in the country. Of the total, the number of light engineering units is estimated at 12,500.


The major problem is access to finance due to rigid collateral requirements by the exiting banking system and rampant malpractice in loan sanctioning process. Others include lack of material testing facilities required for quality production, inadequate skilled labour force and poor marketing know-how.

Inadequate knowledge of many entrepreneurs about the existing lending system and absence of necessary training facilities for small enterprises, widespread corruption and extortion and high rates of value added tax (VAT) and unnecessary harassment

from the tax/VAT officials and law enforcing agencies are also seen as impediments for the growth of SMEs.


Bangladesh’s SMEs do not have enough exposure to international markets. Besides, the government’s policy changes also affect the prospective SME sector.
Considering the overall situation, the government along with donors support took some measures over the years to support the growth of SMEs. But so far all these are confined to seminars and workshops. Various institutions including the BSCIC, the Board of Investment (BOI), commercial banks and financial institutions are working to promote SMEs in the country, but their services and supports are still inadequate.

Experts argue that all these institutions have to build up capacity and upgrade their attitudes in order to provide improved and quick services to the SME university Canada
Reduction of interest rate and offering some incentive packages for some particular SMEs are the key policy initiatives.


Though the government and some other development agencies have already put efforts for the promotion of SMEs in Bangladesh, the contribution of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to this effect is still poor. Since NGOs are generally engaged in rendering micro or small credits to the poor segment of people, such credits are not helpful for the development of the SME sector.
Previous study expressed that despite having vast scopes, NGOs are yet to come forward with their credit supports, especially for the SME sector.

Considering the situation, the government and economists have long been pressing NGOs for diverting their focuses from micro credits to medium-sized investment in order to help develop entrepreneurship in this vital sector. As most of the NGOs are in operation in the rural areas, they can play a significant role in promoting the development of SMEs across the country, which ultimately would help NGOs achieve their poverty alleviation goals in a better way. international university Canada

public research institution

Top-notch public research institution University of Adelaide only aims to spread and share its excellence in higher education, specifically in research, through its PhD scholarships . It prides itself as the best because of its student body with democratic breadth, freedom to examine new fields, importance to the community, educated leader preparation, and international distinction. To further its distinctive approach it is happy to announce the availability of its International Postgraduate Scholarships or IPRS for 2014.

The International Postgraduate Scholarships are designed for international students who would want to take up Master’s Degree by Research and then a Doctoral Degree by Research in three years at the University of Adelaide. These PhD scholarships aim at attracting high-end international postgraduate students to subject areas for research in higher education. There are nearly 15 scholarships offered to students from all over the world in 2014.

The university provides that recipients for these PhD scholarships are given the following grants:

1. An Australian Postgraduate Award or APA, which provides for an annual living allowance amount as much as $24,653 for normal duration

2. Tuition fees for the preferred course for a Master’s degree for two years and doctoral degree for three years.

3. Subclass 574 visa holders are offered with compulsory standard Worldcare policy for Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC for students and their spouse and their dependents for the entire period of the scholarship.

Eligible recipients of these PhD scholarships are expected to have a minimum of an Australian First Class Honours degree with research project in their final year. Applicants should consider their honours and scholarships, conference paper presentation, undergraduate performance, and industry experience. The applications for these study grants are also considered very competitive as recipients are thoroughly screened and then trained to be the best in their field of research when they have completed their respective degrees.

The university announced that applicants of the PhD scholarships are required to submit their application form together with the other requirements before the closing date of these scholarship grants, which is on August 31, 2013.

It is important to note that university of Adelaide is offering PhD scholarships in Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Biological and Agriculture Sciences, Humanities, Law and Creative Arts, Mathematical, Information and Computing Sciences, Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Medical and Health Sciences.

For further information about International PhD scholarships from University of Adelaide Australia, please visit our website.

Also visit other popular scholarships from University of Edinburgh and University of Kent.

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Higher education or PhD

Higher education or PhD is now possible by taking up an online PhD degree program from accredited universities around the world. Foreign students or candidates who wish to avail of a western education, preferably a US education will no longer need to travel half way around the world just to be able to study the courses that they want. This would save them time as they can study the subjects during their free time, and money, as they would not have to resign from their work just to be able to attend classes.

Taking up an online PhD degree program is, however, not without its risk. With so many students wishing to have PhD right after their names, many universities are offering these subjects online even if they are not accredited to do so just to be able to join the trend and earn money. As these universities offer cheap courses, they end up with many students enrolled in their programs.

Although it is possible to get high quality education from these types of schools, it might cost you more harm than good. This is because unaccredited universities have an unfavourable reputation and if you are seeking a job in the US, getting diplomas from these types of schools might get you disqualified from financial aid and employment later on.

One accredited university that interested applicants should check out is the Mississippi State University . The university consistently ranks as one of US best and affordable college. Currently the university offers online phd degree programs in Doctor of Philosophy in Community College Leadership and PhD in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Interested applicants must have working experience before they will be considered. Foreign students should be able to show their proficiency in the English Language through taking up TOEFL or IELTS.

Another university to consider is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln which offers online PhD degree programs in Educational Administration. The university is included in the top 50 colleges in the US News and World Report. The course is designed to mould applicants to become principal or at least be involve in supervisory level upon completion of the said program.

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online PhD degree program

Educational background seemed to be the basis of your career preference as it may make or break your career. It notes that a good reputable school would paved way to land you a high paying job, an ill refute one can damage your career even before it began. Therefore searching for an accredited and credible educational institution is crucial. Time and money are the biggest issues that you may encounter if you are concerned on attaining on-site PhD programs. However, this predicament can now be mitigated through distance learning or online PhD degree program.

An online PhD degree program serves as one of the biggest educational innovation in Malaysia’s educational system since it offers local and international students with quality education that is only available in western education. The Malaysian Qualifications Agency or MQA ensures that colleges and universities in the country are properly reviewed and accredited in providing programs, certificates, or online education.

It notes that MQA uses the Malaysian Quality Framework or MQF considering it as fundamental for accreditation. MQF boosts the qualifications through its implementation and division into three sectors: technical and vocational advanced diplomas; skills where skill certificates are awarded; and higher education where masters, bachelors, and doctorate degrees are given along with the degrees intended for online PhD degree programs. The list of accredited colleges or universities can be accessed at the website of MQA. However, applicants are advised to check out with the school for the latest list of PhD degrees being offered for particular year because some of them may or may not offer the subject or course for the year, or those that are only offered once or twice annually, which is dependent on the number of students who are interested in these programs.

The Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, Malaysia is an example of an accredited university in the country. The University, which is also called a Science University, offers online phd degree programs in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Interested applicants must have a master’s or a first class CGPA rating from a reputable school. Interested foreign applicants must have 550 score on a TOEFL or a 6.0 on an IELTS to be able to enrol in the said program.

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online phd

Education, as we all know, is the foundation of every professional career we pursue. Education is the key towards our success and the success of our developing world. With the emergence of new technology, western or Asian education is made very accessible even to students anywhere in the world through technology and any other educational innovations. Education is now available to distant students who opt to pursue their already attained professions but failed to attend school campus physically. As a solution, most governments and educational institutions introduce online PhD degree programs or distance PhDs in various areas of study depending on their own choice.

PhD degree program serves as the highest level of education made available to students which is now attainable online. Online PhD degree programs are intended for people who failed to go to school physically due to time and financial constraints. These programs are designed for those who want to further their knowledge and expertise in their own field of specifications without going to universities where they want to be enrolled. They are made available for students who are also working part-time or full-time or those who are studying any other traditional subjects. They are suitable for students who already have families of their own and still want to fulfil their academic dreams and be competitive with our growing modern society.

In the state of Bihar in eastern part of India, Nalanda Open University is the only University to offer online PhDs. The university was established in March 1987 and named after Buddhist University of Nalanda. It is the only university which caters exclusive education through Distance and Open education in the country. It provides flexibility in terms of its eligibility, admission, and program structure.

Nalanda is an authorized provider of online PhDs after it passed the evaluation for accreditation conducted by the country’s government bodies: National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Nalanda provides undergraduate degree programs along with diploma courses and online PhD degree programs. It primarily aims to give educational opportunities to students who want to advance their professional career and skills and attain knowledge in certain fields through the aid of its print medium (correspondence course), contact programs, study centers, and mass media. Online PhDs offered in this university are notable to be very efficient attributable to its investment on technology to further enhance its programs. It also provides its students with exceptional library, computer laboratory, and fully-automated systems to ensure that they received the quality education they deserve.

Candidates for its online PhD degree programs are required to earn post graduate degree significant to their chosen field of study. They are required to furnish the university’s admission form from its sale’s counter or through mail request. Documents such as attested certificate of matriculation and attested photocopy stating that they are qualified for the examination are also pertinent for admission. These documents should be submitted along with the admission form. In terms of reservation for a quota course, qualified applicants need to submit an attested Caste certificate from authorized bodies.

For further information about Universities in Bihar (India) and Online PhD Degree Programs, please visit our website.
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What is a thesis?

Problems of Accounting Thesis

First Accounting Thesis Problem = confused how to start accounting thesis
Second Accounting Thesis Problem = puzzled in selecting an accounting thesis topic

Third Accounting Thesis Problem = clueless to research perfectly on the selected topic
Fourth Accounting Thesis Problem = Unable to write further get stuck

Fifth Accounting Thesis Problem = not sure to meet the deadline

Sixth Accounting Thesis Problem = Lack to writing skills

Seventh Accounting Thesis Problem = Not up to a mark in mathematics

List of Accounting Dissertation/ thesis Topics are:

  • Financial accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Metallurgical Accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Ethics accounting
  • Information system accounting
  • Executive accounting
  • Environmental accounting
  • Methods of accounting

• Retail and commercial Banking systems
• Online Banking
• Accounting ethics


• Role of private equity sponsors
• Does current accounting standard in UK live up to its goals
• International accounting systems
• Audit agencies issues with combine code
• Auditor and Client’s relationship in UK
• Sustainability
• Accountancy and women
• Art of accounting
• Accounting education

  • Economic consequences of accounting methods, e.g., conservatism and fair value accounting
  • Earnings management
  • Economic effects of accounting standards and standard setting
  • Disclosure of accounting information
  • Interaction of accounting and capital markets
  • Performance evaluation and performance measures
  • Management compensation
  • Value-based management
  • Budgeting and transfer pricing
  • Economic roles of auditing
  • Accounting and corporate governance.


Top 10 Accounting Topics


Dissertation Proposal Writing




Good Research Paper Topic

Ph.D. Dissertation

Accounting dissertation topics

Finance and Accounting Topics

Accounting journals



Accounting Terms

Accounting Examples & Information


Accounts Payable

Accrual vs. Cash-Basis

Adjusting Entries



Asset Accounts

Balance Sheet

Chart of Accounts

Closing the Accounts

EIN Tax ID Number

Estimated Tax

Income Statement

Inventory Systems – Perpetual & Periodic

Journal Entries

Liability Accounts

Limited Liability Company LLC

Owner Equity Accounts

Owner’s Equity


Prepaids & Accruals

Sole Proprietorship

Trial Balance



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