Complete Code of life

Islam is a Complete Code of life, given by Allah, Almighty. Who sent Prophet Muhammad (S.) as blessing for the whole Universe and as mercy for all of His Creatures. Regarding this, Allah Says: “We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures.” Prophet Muhammad (S.) Sacrificed his whole life for the establishment of Human. He is the Role model for the mankind. Allah, Almighty says: “ye have indeed in the Apostle of God a beautiful pattern of (conduct) for any one whose hope is in God and the Final Day, and who engages much in the praise of God.” And also Allah, the Lord of the world declared that, “And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of Character.”


“Human Rights” is an important affair of Present global situation. The Concept of Human Rights in the contemporary world has been developed by the most influential persons and the greatest thinkers of the world, namely Rousseau, Karl Marx, Locke etc. The term “Human Rights” was probably first used by Thomas Paine, and there after in the universal declaration of Human Rights-1948, suggested by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, the Chairperson of the commission on Human Rights in 1947, and adopted by United Nations General Assembly on December 1948. And it is only for world war-II, because of the injustices and unmerited contemptuous behaviours Committed to Human beings by the Governments, and subsequently set down various Declarations, Bills and Charters. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights-1948, has emphasized the Human Rights at the Level of International Law including civil, political, economic, social and Cultural Rights etc. The Origin and development of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms are not Western Concept or Western Doctrine of Natrural Law but it is a common heritage of Human beings.