International University Canada administrators and members of our Board of Directors are responsible for upholding our university mission and our dedication to supporting adult learners.

University Administration

Academic Head of IUC

  • Professor Dr. S. Takahashi (Ph.D., Grand Ph.D.), President

Chief Academic Officer

  • Eve Dauer, Registrar

Research Support

  • Dr. O. Laura Lynn, Executive Director
  • Raymond DiGiuseppe, Director, Graduate Research Curriculum Standards, Senior Research Scholar

Student Affairs

  • Susanna L. Davidsen, A.M.L.S., Executive Director
  • Dr. Laurel Walsh, Interim Director, Writing Center


International Operations

  • Brett Lundeen, Vice President, International Operations
  • Dr. Makhluk, Deputy Registrar & Executive Director of Southeast Asia.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Dawn Kaiser, Board Chair
    President and CEO of Global Products and Services, Laureate Education, Inc.
  • Dr. George Yeakey
    Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Arbitron, Inc.