What is a thesis?

Problems of Accounting Thesis

First Accounting Thesis Problem = confused how to start accounting thesis
Second Accounting Thesis Problem = puzzled in selecting an accounting thesis topic

Third Accounting Thesis Problem = clueless to research perfectly on the selected topic
Fourth Accounting Thesis Problem = Unable to write further get stuck

Fifth Accounting Thesis Problem = not sure to meet the deadline

Sixth Accounting Thesis Problem = Lack to writing skills

Seventh Accounting Thesis Problem = Not up to a mark in mathematics

List of Accounting Dissertation/ thesis Topics are:

  • Financial accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Metallurgical Accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Ethics accounting
  • Information system accounting
  • Executive accounting
  • Environmental accounting
  • Methods of accounting

• Retail and commercial Banking systems
• Online Banking
• Accounting ethics


• Role of private equity sponsors
• Does current accounting standard in UK live up to its goals
• International accounting systems
• Audit agencies issues with combine code
• Auditor and Client’s relationship in UK
• Sustainability
• Accountancy and women
• Art of accounting
• Accounting education

  • Economic consequences of accounting methods, e.g., conservatism and fair value accounting
  • Earnings management
  • Economic effects of accounting standards and standard setting
  • Disclosure of accounting information
  • Interaction of accounting and capital markets
  • Performance evaluation and performance measures
  • Management compensation
  • Value-based management
  • Budgeting and transfer pricing
  • Economic roles of auditing
  • Accounting and corporate governance.


Top 10 Accounting Topics


Dissertation Proposal Writing




Good Research Paper Topic

Ph.D. Dissertation

Accounting dissertation topics

Finance and Accounting Topics

Accounting journals



Accounting Terms

Accounting Examples & Information


Accounts Payable

Accrual vs. Cash-Basis

Adjusting Entries



Asset Accounts

Balance Sheet

Chart of Accounts

Closing the Accounts

EIN Tax ID Number

Estimated Tax

Income Statement

Inventory Systems – Perpetual & Periodic

Journal Entries

Liability Accounts

Limited Liability Company LLC

Owner Equity Accounts

Owner’s Equity


Prepaids & Accruals

Sole Proprietorship

Trial Balance



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