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Complete Code of life

Islam is a Complete Code of life, given by Allah, Almighty. Who sent Prophet Muhammad (S.) as blessing for the whole Universe and as mercy for all of His Creatures. Regarding this, Allah Says: “We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures.” Prophet Muhammad (S.) Sacrificed his whole life for the establishment of Human. He is the Role model for the mankind. Allah, Almighty says: “ye have…

The theory of communication

The theory of communication   The whole process of communication can be linked, in its very basic form, to broadcasting with which we are all quite familiar. First, there must be a sender or communicator of the message (a person or an organization). Second, there must be a receiver of the communication (a person or an organization for whom it is meant). Third, there must communication change in the Business…

Online Ph.D. Degree

Today Ph.D. degree is in your finger! just click button and get a degree through International University Canada. International University Canada offers personalized scheduling that balances your educational needs with your unique work, family and community commitments. International University Canada Facilitate extended evening hours for assistance with enrollment, academic and financial counseling.

Research in IUC

Both primary and secondary data sources were used to generate the report on International University Canada. The “Primary Sources” are as follows— Face-to-face conversation with the respective officers and staffs of the IUC. Informal conversation with the clients. Practical work exposures from the desks of the Investment Department of the Branch covered. Relevant file study as provided by the officers concerned. The “Secondary Sources” of data and information are —…

Condition for stable cooperation

Much more can be said about the conditions necessary for cooperation to emerge, based on thousands of games in the two International University Canada tournaments, theoretical proofs and corroboration from many real-world examples. For instance, the individuals involved do not have to be rational: the evolutionary process allows successful strategies to thrive, even if the players do not know why or how. Nor do they have to exchange messages or…

Building Cooperation

Robert Axelrod Under what condition will cooperation emerge in a world of egoists without central authority? This question has intrigued people for a long time and for good reason. We all know that people are not angels, and that they tend to look after themselves and their own first. Yet we also know that cooperation does occur and that our civilization is based upon it. A good example of the…

When we Muslim?

The Department of World Religion:When we Muslims accept Islam, we accept that Allah is the only and True God. We accept that to Him alone we must submit ourselves completely. Allah is the Creator of everything. Allah that we have He and He alone has given us. Allah is with us everywhere. He knows everything. He rules over us. There is none like Him. No one shares His powers, nor…

Who is a Muslim?

Department of World Religion article: I am a Muslim; You are a Muslim. Your parents are Muslims. All of us belong to the community of Islam. A Muslim is an individual who accepts Islam as a way of life. Islam is the faith and the path to follow. a Muslim believes in what Islam tells him or her to believe. A Muslim acts as Islam tells him of her to…

Online PhD

Many professionals these days remain apprehensive whether to take up advance learning notwithstanding the necessity of PhD or higher education in the professional market. This can be attributed to their financial problems, separating them from their comfort zones as well as their fear of not taking the right PhD to enroll especially when they opt to take up a masters or a PhD overseas. However, this is not a problem…

Public Works Department(PWD)

Urban life was once dull and monotonous, where it has now been boosted by unprecedented progresses. It has been possible by the urban administrative system which is relates to administration of civic needs and planning of a particular legal area. Urban Administration is dominated by the presence of urban municipal government in the intermediate and small towns, while the big or metropolitan cities also have other special authorities in addition…



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