Higher education or PhD

Higher education or PhD

Higher education or PhD is now possible by taking up an online PhD degree program from accredited universities around the world. Foreign students or candidates who wish to avail of a western education, preferably a US education will no longer need to travel half way around the world just to be able to study the courses that they want. This would save them time as they can study the subjects during their free time, and money, as they would not have to resign from their work just to be able to attend classes.

Taking up an online PhD degree program is, however, not without its risk. With so many students wishing to have PhD right after their names, many universities are offering these subjects online even if they are not accredited to do so just to be able to join the trend and earn money. As these universities offer cheap courses, they end up with many students enrolled in their programs.

Although it is possible to get high quality education from these types of schools, it might cost you more harm than good. This is because unaccredited universities have an unfavourable reputation and if you are seeking a job in the US, getting diplomas from these types of schools might get you disqualified from financial aid and employment later on.

One accredited university that interested applicants should check out is the Mississippi State University . The university consistently ranks as one of US best and affordable college. Currently the university offers online phd degree programs in Doctor of Philosophy in Community College Leadership and PhD in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Interested applicants must have working experience before they will be considered. Foreign students should be able to show their proficiency in the English Language through taking up TOEFL or IELTS.

Another university to consider is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln which offers online PhD degree programs in Educational Administration. The university is included in the top 50 colleges in the US News and World Report. The course is designed to mould applicants to become principal or at least be involve in supervisory level upon completion of the said program.

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