Why Online PhD degree?

Educational background seemed to be the basis of your career preference as it may make or break your career. It notes that a good reputable school would paved way to land you a high paying job, an ill refute one can damage your career even before it began. Therefore searching for an accredited and credible educational institution is crucial. Time and money are the biggest issues that you may encounter if you are concerned on attaining on-site PhD programs. However, this predicament can now be mitigated through distance learning or online PhD degree program.

An online PhD degree program serves as one of the biggest educational innovation in Malaysia’s educational system since it offers local and international students with quality education that is only available in western education. The Malaysian Qualifications Agency or MQA ensures that colleges and universities in the country are properly reviewed and accredited in providing programs, certificates, or online education.

It notes that MQA uses the Malaysian Quality Framework or MQF considering it as fundamental for accreditation. MQF boosts the qualifications through its implementation and division into three sectors: technical and vocational advanced diplomas; skills where skill certificates are awarded; and higher education where masters, bachelors, and doctorate degrees are given along with the degrees intended for online PhD degree programs. The list of accredited colleges or universities can be accessed at the website of MQA. However, applicants are advised to check out with the school for the latest list of PhD degrees being offered for particular year because some of them may or may not offer the subject or course for the year, or those that are only offered once or twice annually, which is dependent on the number of students who are interested in these programs.

The Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang, Malaysia is an example of an accredited university in the country. The University, which is also called a Science University, offers online phd degree programs in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Interested applicants must have a master’s or a first class CGPA rating from a reputable school. Interested foreign applicants must have 550 score on a TOEFL or a 6.0 on an IELTS to be able to enrol in the said program.

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