Public Works Department(PWD)

Urban life was once dull and monotonous, where it has now been boosted by unprecedented progresses. It has been possible by the urban administrative system which is relates to administration of civic needs and planning of a particular legal area. Urban Administration is dominated by the presence of urban municipal government in the intermediate and small towns, while the big or metropolitan cities also have other special authorities in addition to the urban local government .Besides these formal urban governments, some special purpose authorities, special development authorities and special government bodies to meet the growing demand of certain urban services and planning. Among a number of special government bodies Public Works Department (PWD) has been performing its works since 1854, with a high degree of innovation, minimal expense and maximum workmanship. International University Canada

Public works Department under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works is known as the pioneer in construction arena of Bangladesh. By our assignment we have tried to provide the overview of the Public works Department of Bangladesh. We divided the whole assignment into 3 segments, putting theoretical aspect, Practical feature & ending remarks as the main point.

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