The President’s Message

International University Canada feels a need for innovative, programs that reduces barriers while maintaining standards of quality. Towards this end, we have created educational programs that meet the needs of today’s dynamic society without limiting the educational delivery system.

International University Canada students are ensured to be gaining theoretical as well as practical and real world knowledge, demanded by today’s dynamic society. They must demonstrate cognitive abilities and research skills at every level of the curriculums in order to successfully complete the degree programs. Our faculty will provide guided inquiry into areas of knowledge and challenge of the attitudes, beliefs, and value system.

The primary focus of International University Canada is to assist the students in reaching their educational object in the shortest time frames at an allowable and reasonable cost. We also focus to produce competent and professional graduates who are academically prepared, eager and able to face the challenges offered by today’s society. We believe that keeping the students and society’s needs foremost in mind while providing education will benefit both the students and the university the utmost.

As the President of the University, I personally wish to invite you to explore this unique educational opportunity in order to achieve your academic goals. If so, you can continue to take pride in the objects, philosophies, and accomplishments of your university.

President, International University Canada

Our Objectives

  • To offer quality education with affordable tuition fees and flexible environment.
  • To initiate a long-distance learning connection with professors and virtual campus course-mates.
  • To provide educational programs to students including working adults.
  • To provide education in a format and at the time and locations conducive to the education of the students.
  • To provide programs that meet the educational needs identified by industry, government, and other institutions of higher education in communities.
  • To allow students to participate in course selection in order to tailor and personalize degree programs.
  • To create a nurturing environment to foster the personalized growth and development of each student’s individual learning objectives.
  • To provide an international educational environment through the implementation of global-oriented curriculum.
  • To generate the financial resources to ensure financial viability.
  • To provide for the personal and professional development of staff and faculty through education, training, and encouragement of professional and community involvement.
  • To provide and maintain an emphasis on continuous improvement of programs and services.
  • To provide consistent encouragement throughout the completion of each and every.

Our Misson

International University Canada was established to provide quality on campus (thought affiliated locations) and off-campus academic degree programs to highly motivated, self-disciplined, mid-career adults. The University utilizes modern technology coupled with traditional correspondence as a vehicle for providing knowledge and skills through the completion of distance learning courses. Therefore, we structured our programs to:

  • Motivate independent learners to pursue the acquisition of knowledge and self-enrichment.
  • Promote higher education with career advancement.
  • Plus on-the-job experience and training and make the most of your transfer credits thorough assessment.
  • Personalized scheduling that balances your educational needs with your unique work, family and community commitments.
  • Facilitate extended evening hours for assistance with enrollment, academic and financial counseling.
  • Utilize short and long term academic goals to improve the student’s confidence level and self-esteem.
  • Provide financial assistance options designed to meet your special needs.
  • Produce an international, multicultural student population.

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