What is a Program? Entry and Open entry?

What is a Program? Entry and Open entry?

You may have the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to enter directly into a program, or you may need to start at a lower level with fewer entry requirements or complete a bridging program. Many of our programs pathways into further study options either at IUC or at other leading international education providers.


A program is made up of modules, papers, or units of study that lead to a qualification. Some programs require successful completion of compulsory subjects while others offer elective subjects.


We are looking for people who, although needing support from us, are keen to learn, meet new friends, enjoy IUC independently, and most importantly, gain some valuable employment and personal skills.

Open entry

There are no formal academic requirements. Those interested in enrolling will attend an information-sharing meeting to identify their needs and suitability of the program to meet those needs.

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