International University Canada promises an exciting and comprehensive educational experience.

Great Programs!

IUC will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and teaming experience to help you succeed. We offer internationally recognized short courses, certificates, diplomas, Graduate, Postgraduate, M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs with high quality.

Superior Support:

Your success and well-being is always our first priority. IUC’s Student Services offer you learning and computing support, as well as career advice facilities. You’ll also have access to our partner’s excellent e-library.

Industry Connections & Partnerships:

International University Canada works closely with international industries to provide the right training and skills needed in their workforces; this means our graduates have excellent employment prospects.

We’ve developed strategic partnerships with other tertiary institutions to provide important pathways and opportunities for our students.

Whether you imagine yourself an artist, a business owner, a carpenter or a marine scientist, you’ll find IUC is the smart place to be.



Studying under the qualified staff has made me totally confident logo into the industry and knew I was well prepared. At the end of the course I felt like I had really earned my qualification.’

Neil Doeskin

Graduate — 2008

National Diploma in Architectural Technology

Employed —self-employed Homes cape Design


Diploma I aim to finish my degree [Bachelor of Management Studies] hopefully by February2012. It will be fantastic to graduate! Then / will decide whether/’m going to attempt to become a Chartered Accountant. There’s so many options with the degree, it opens many doors so I’ll just wait and see.”

Jessica Hughes

Graduate — 2006 Diploma in Business

Studying – Bachelor of Management Studies


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