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Welcome to International University Canada. Here you are able to transcend geographical distances. all international university Canada courses are at your fingertips!  Achieve your skill through our online courses. We offer personalized scheduling that balances your educational needs. It also the best universities in Canada for international students. Facilitate extended evening hours for assistance with enrollment, academic and financial counseling. We utilize short and long-term academic goals to improve the student’s confidence level.

Online Courses Covering Hundreds of Different Subjects by the best universities in Canada for international students!

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    There is no university in Canada that will be completely free for an international student but we are the cheapest university in Canada. Also, you can look for a Fund that can cover the complete cost of studying and living in Canada at IUC.

    Our 80% of the programs are free offered by online mode. and the other 20% of the programs are very cheapest. also, require English test scores Prove your English proficiency with IELTS but in online mode no need for any IELTS score.  So dot late to Study in Canadian cheapest University in 2021 with Tuition Fees and Living Costs free opportunities.

    International University Canada has increasingly become a popular study destination because of the best universities in Canada for international students. IUC attracts international students, especially in the last five years. it is an emerging prestigious university and a well-organized lifestyle, IUC turned into a University with high demands and a high reputation.

    International University Canada has over 120 courses listed among the best universities in Canada for international students according to the World University Rankings created by THE (Times Higher Education) education qualification.

    You can find in IUC useful information about tuition fees, living costs, and scholarship opportunities for studying cheapest and cost effective.