About IUC

Welcome to the Online Education at International University Canada ! Find a comfortable corner, turn your computer on, and access our online offerings. Here, you are able to transcend geographical distances, all IUC course-ware is there at your fingertips! More all about us?

It was established to provide quality education. It has mote then 180 affiliated support center. The University utilizes modern technology.  Students achieved their skills through the completion of online learning courses.  Therefore, we structured our programs to Motivate independent learners to pursue the acquisition of knowledge.

about International University Canada

International University Canada offers personalized scheduling that balances your educational needs with your unique work, family and community commitments. International University Canada Facilitate extended evening hours for assistance with enrollment, academic and financial counseling.

International University Canada utilizes short and long term academic goals to improve the student’s confidence level and self-esteem. It provides financial assistance options designed to meet your special needs. International University Canada produces an international, multicultural student population.

Our Mission

International University Canada (IUC) was established to provide quality education thought Distance Learning System with affiliated study center. The International University Canada (IUC) University utilizes modern technology coupled with traditional correspondence for providing knowledge and skills through the completion of online learning courses. Therefore, we structured our programs to:

  • Motivate learners to pursue the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Promote higher online education with career advancement.
  • Personalized scheduling that balances student’s educational needs.
  • Provide financial assistance options designed to meet student’s special needs.

Our Objectives

Objective of International University Canada:

  • To provide educational programs to students including professionals.
  • To provide programs that meet the educational needs identified by industry, government, and other institutions of higher education.
  • To provide an international educational environment through excellent curriculum.
  • To provide for the professional development of student through education, training and community involvement.


International University Canada (IUC) is a joint development project of the World Information Distributed University (WIDU) & International Informatization Academy (IIA). IUC has decided the joint development and affiliation agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding and The Agreement Concerning Accreditation and Recognition with the IIA and the WIDU regarding recognition of degrees. With a view of further development of Global Education System and aiding to train for degrees, to create the Department of the WIDU-IUC as an Educational Institution in the world.


  1. University of Copenhagen
  2. University of Illinois
  3. Ruaha University College
  4. National Law School of India University
  5. Universidad San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca (Sucre)
  6. University of Eastern Piedmont
  7. O.P. Jindal Global University
  8. Center for International Media Ethics (CIME)


International University Canada administrators and members of our Board of Directors are responsible for upholding our university mission and our dedication to supporting adult learners.

University Administration

Academic Head of IUC

  • Professor Dr. S. Takahashi (Ph.D., Grand Ph.D.),President

Chief Academic Officer

  • Eve Dauer, Registrar

Research Support

  • Dr. O. Laura Lynn, Executive Director
  • Raymond DiGiuseppe, Director, Graduate Research Curriculum Standards, Senior Research Scholar

Student Affairs

  • Susanna L. Davidsen, A.M.L.S., Executive Director
  • Dr. Laurel Walsh, Interim Director, Writing Center

International Operations

  • Brett Lundeen, Vice President, International Operations
  • Dr. Makhluk, Deputy Registrar & Executive Director of Southeast Asia.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Dawn Kaiser, Board ChairPresident and CEO of Global Products and Services, Laureate Education, Inc.
  • Dr. George YeakeyExecutive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Arbitron, Inc.