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Education, as we all know, is the foundation of every professional career we pursue. Education is the key towards our success and the success of our developing world. With the emergence of new technology, western or Asian education is made very accessible even to students anywhere in the world through technology and any other educational innovations. Education is now available to distant students who opt to pursue their already attained professions but failed to attend school campus physically. As a solution, most governments and educational institutions introduce online PhD degree programs or distance PhDs in various areas of study depending on their own choice.

PhD degree program serves as the highest level of education made available to students which is now attainable online. Online PhD degree programs are intended for people who failed to go to school physically due to time and financial constraints. These programs are designed for those who want to further their knowledge and expertise in their own field of specifications without going to universities where they want to be enrolled. They are made available for students who are also working part-time or full-time or those who are studying any other traditional subjects. They are suitable for students who already have families of their own and still want to fulfil their academic dreams and be competitive with our growing modern society.

In the state of Bihar in eastern part of India, Nalanda Open University is the only University to offer online PhDs. The university was established in March 1987 and named after Buddhist University of Nalanda. It is the only university which caters exclusive education through Distance and Open education in the country. It provides flexibility in terms of its eligibility, admission, and program structure.

Nalanda is an authorized provider of online PhDs after it passed the evaluation for accreditation conducted by the country’s government bodies: National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Nalanda provides undergraduate degree programs along with diploma courses and online PhD degree programs. It primarily aims to give educational opportunities to students who want to advance their professional career and skills and attain knowledge in certain fields through the aid of its print medium (correspondence course), contact programs, study centers, and mass media. Online PhDs offered in this university are notable to be very efficient attributable to its investment on technology to further enhance its programs. It also provides its students with exceptional library, computer laboratory, and fully-automated systems to ensure that they received the quality education they deserve.

Candidates for its online PhD degree programs are required to earn post graduate degree significant to their chosen field of study. They are required to furnish the university’s admission form from its sale’s counter or through mail request. Documents such as attested certificate of matriculation and attested photocopy stating that they are qualified for the examination are also pertinent for admission. These documents should be submitted along with the admission form. In terms of reservation for a quota course, qualified applicants need to submit an attested Caste certificate from authorized bodies.

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