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Business communication

What it is all about The word ‘communication’ is derived from the Latin word communist, meaning ‘common’. When we communicate with others we try to establish a ‘commonness’ with others. We try to share information, an idea or a concept in our interaction or interface with the other person. Communication is thus a process of achieving understanding between people. There are many definitions of communication. Two which are basic and…

Public Works Department(PWD)

Urban life was once dull and monotonous, where it has now been boosted by unprecedented progresses. It has been possible by the urban administrative system which is relates to administration of civic needs and planning of a particular legal area. Urban Administration is dominated by the presence of urban municipal government in the intermediate and small towns, while the big or metropolitan cities also have other special authorities in addition…


international university canada: In Bangladesh SMEs have occupied an unique position in our economy in respect to their combined contribution to technological development and poverty alleviation. This sector also playing a significant role for the development of our economy by creating employment opportunity and producing alternative machines and machinery parts for saving huge foreign currency for our country. So as a part of our development strategy, we should intensify our…


What You Will Cover? Sales Skills Fundamentals of Salesmanship Concepts & Principles of Salesmanship Sales Force Records, Appraisal and Analysis Marketing Communication & Strategy   Career Prospects Sales people are usually amongst the most valuable assets in any company. Sales jobs are found in almost any company imaginable. Sales jobs could be broken down into those which are classified as B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business) sectors….


What You Will Cover? Our advertising program designed in conjunction with industry leaders helps you learn the skills you need to succeed in advertising quickly and conveniently. General Concepts of Advertising The Advertising Budget The Campaign Concept Media Strategy The Digital Technology and the Future of the Media The Advertising Agency Creative Characteristics Generation of Ideas Memory Mechanisms in Advertising Sales Promotion Merchandising Sampling Personal Sales How to develop a…


Course Outline : What You Will Cover This International University Canada course develops the skills necessary for developing and managing an e-business or e-commerce department of a larger business. Developed by leading e-Business leaders, it covers a range of topics that will ensure your career in e-business has a strong foundation. • What is e-business? • Reaching more customers and markets • Improving marketing and promotions • Customer relationship management…

Real Estate

Course Outline : What You Will Cover Learners take the role of an employee at the Virtual Realty Agency, a thriving (metaphorical) agency. Content is provided by means of ‘real-life’ scenarios and situations in which the learner interacts with Virtual Realty staff and clients as they work through the activities of the course. The course has been organized into four separate streams: (1) Sales, (2) Property Management, (3) Agency Services…

Sport & Recreation

If you’re looking for a career in a dynamic industry, International University Canada can equip you with the skills you need to get started. Our courses offer much more than just a qualification- we offer an experience that you will treasure. The International University Canada High Performance Academy Sports Scholarship Program aims to provide support for students to achieve a high academic standard in a program of their choice, whilst…

Maritime and Fishing Technology

How Will You Benefit? This is a pre-sea program that will help you develop the skill sets needed to work as a deckhand on a wide range of vessels within the seafood and maritime industry. You’ll learn seamanship, sea survival, deck safety, personal health and safety, watch keeping, navigation, seafood processing, firefighting and first aid, Upon successful completion of the course there will be a reduction in the required sea…

Environmental Management

How Will You Benefit? This exciting program, supported by local industry is designed for students wishing to enter a wide range of environmental, resource management and conservation fields. You will study botany, invertebrate and vertebrate biology, geology, zero waste and coastal management, biological surveying, ecology and bio-security. You will also explore Maori, local and global environment perspectives and conduct environmental research. Graduates can complete the third year of a Bachelor…



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